Thursday, December 6, 2012


yo, this is me.. so i feel like an idiot posting it, but go check out GUS on facebook :) so dope 
I seem to be enjoying my webcam these days
just had my wisdom teeth out, photo diary *not a chipmunk yet* 
seasons greetings
xoxo me and my boy 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

english you slut

Fashion week is in town, along with all of its marvellous connotations and critics.

As I walk towards the area, I see a gradual change in the people surrounding me. They begin to turn into the mythical creatures that you have only ever read about on blogs; Hipsters.
As I stand there surrounded by these bazaar creatures I begin to notice certain similarities. In fact, I notice that these ‘hipsters’ are all the same.

When I reach the entrance of the fashion show, I have two options; take the door, or join the line for the red carpet. I take the door. However, the ‘hipsters’ that surrounded me begin to form small clusters at the red carpet.
These ‘clusters’ contain your stereotypical Hipster Clan. They are all chewing gum. Holding a cigarette however, not smoking it. Each holding an odd shaped bottle or vitamin water. They are dressed in a range of wonderfully weird coloured ‘clothing’ that features feathers or sequins, with hair of an assortment of colours. And of course, each cluster contains a token ‘gay’.

And why are the groups all the same? Because each member believes that because it is fashion week, they can come out of hiding and be socially acceptable.

Once inside, I take my seat in the fourth out of the seven rows, and watch. I begin to notice that although all of the people here are sharing the same experience, we are all seeing it differently, and are here for different reasons.

The ‘hipsters’ take their seats in the first row, along with the fashion designers, photographers, and critics. It is as though these ‘hipsters’ believe that in them sitting there, it validates their style in the fashion world.
Once seated, they immediately take a ‘selfie’, edit it to look like a Polaroid picture, and upload it to some form of social network, just to ensure that everyone can see and know, how ‘cool’ they are.

I could continue telling you much more about the types of people that hover around the fashion world, however it is from this shared experience, that I realised that this world of self-indulged people may actually hold the key idea behind reality.

Fashion is art. It has beauties and flaws that no two people will see the same. The different reactions that different people have towards the fashion industry is influenced by their views, values, and beliefs, which in turn, help to shape who we are as individuals, and our realities.

These people are purely at the fashion show to add to their appearance, as they see it as an opportunity to be ‘cool’.
I am at the fashion show purely because I have a love for fashion.
This is an example of the different perceptions that people may have about the fashion industry, that have formed for whatever reason, and that are similar to no other.

Although at the fashion show we shared the same experience, we saw it differently. And for whatever reason that may be, in turn it is something that helps to shape our individual realities.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011

today i spent the day at the zoo, and got to meet 6 beautiful tigers!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011